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The aim of this website is to create and provide encyclopaedic articles on topics related to magnetism and electromagnetism. You can read more about Encyclopedia Magnetica.

Encyclopedia Magnetica was created by Dr Stan Zurek on 25th September 2012 and is being continually developed ever since. Dr Jeanete Leicht and Mr Jeff Jones are the reviewers.

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A ferrite core with AL = 250 nH/turn2 rm8_core_3h1_a250_magnetica.jpg

by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

AL value

AL, AL value, inductance factor, inductance per turn, inductance per square turn - reciprocal of magnetic reluctance (permeance), characteristic for a given magnetic core (type, size, air gap, etc.), often provided by the manufacturer. The AL value is commonly used in the design of electronic transformers based on ferrite cores, for which the value is often given in nanohenries.

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Transition loss in a flyback transformer

by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

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