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The Transformer Association

Stan Zurek, The Transformer Association,, {accessed 2020-10-28}
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2013-02-13


The Transformer Association (TTA) - an association of manufacturers of transformers, power supplies, safety agencies and consultants, primarily those based in North America.1)

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Mission and focus

TTA meetings, surveys and strategic alliances provide information about management, compliance and technical trends relevant to the transformer-related industry. It focuses on strengthening the transformer industry in North America.

The logo on the website, beside the words The Transformer Association states also: The voice of the North American Transformer Industry.


There are five TTA membership categories:

  • (M) Manufacturer – transformer or power supply
  • (I) Industry – supplier to other manufacturers
  • (IMA) IMA Group Member
  • (E) Educator
  • (SA) Safety Agency

The International Magnetics Association

Within TTA there is a working global trade group called The International Magnetics Association (IMA). It gathers companies of the soft magnetics industry, including manufacturers and distributors.

The IMA was formerly known as the Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA).2)

The IMA develops and maintains industry standards, for instance for widely used ETD-series ferrite cores.3) The IMA industry standards can be related to the appropriate IEC standards. 4)


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